Chapter VII: Unicorn

Chapter VIII: Unicorn As I step into the clearing of the forest, with a flutter of my wings, I call out to the mystical creatures, seeking the one I desire the most – the elusive unicorn. And there it appears, a majestic creature with a mischievous glint in its eyes, as if we share a…

Chapter VI: XMas fairy

Chapter VI: XMas fairy That old Fart Santa Claus doesn’t like me very much, he said that I didn’t get presents because I’m on the naughty list – Pffft!As if we don’t all have our dark secrets… Naughty, I’ll show him naughty!A Christmas themed act in the style of the green fairy.

Chapter V: The green Doll

Chapter V: The green Doll My fellow fairies are such „dear friends“! The’ve hidden my wings again. Very „funny“! Well, I can work with that, I will get them back and I’ll show them that I’m not the dork they think I am. I’ll find them AND I’ll do it as gracefully as any other…

Chapter IV: Bollywood

Chapter IV: Bollywood Yours truly set out to discover the world! My first journey lead me to India. Enchanted of the rich culture, the colours, the music and the dance, I adopted all these beautiful things and breezed off to the airport. But somehow the metal detecting device didn’t seem to agree with my new…

Chapter III: Snowflake

Chapter III: Snowflake Many a winters day is bone chillingly cold. So cold that one’s wings might freeze to her back. But I’m still a fairy, right? With my trusted wand and a bit of fairy dust there surely will be a solution. An enchanting backwards Burlesque act in the style of the green fairy.

Live Shows – Burlesque performance

Frack & Spitzenhöschen | Photography by Daniel Paikov Chaostheorie Berlin Frack & Spitzenhöschen | Photography by Daniel Paikov Photography by Maizucker & Coalraw Frack & Spitzenhöschen | Photography by Lars Pritschow Photography by Frederic Schweizer – Photography by Johannes Franke –  

Birth of a Fairy

A little story of how it all began I am la Fée verte which translates to the green fairy. Even if Absinth originated in Switzerland, it gained its popularity during the mid 19th century in France. That’s the reason my name is french. I was born in the minds of many people drinking the delicious…

Chapter I: The Exam

Chapter I: The Exam After a few … well several attempts to pass my exam as a qualified Absinth fairy I will try it yet another time. After all, I want to be a part of the Alcoholic Spirit Society but until now all the other spirits just laugh at me. Sometimes I feel like…

Chapter II: Liberation

Chapter II: Liberation You had a hard day? Well, tell me about it! I just got my diploma, FINALLY! And afterward – who could blame me – I got a little … ok royally plastered… And then, when I woke up my back hurt and I saw THIS: somebody had plucked my wings! I mean…


Chapter 1: The Exam Photos by Johannes Franke – Chapter 2: Liberation Photos by Elena Helfrecht – Elena’s Tumblr Chapter 3: Snow Flake Photos by Johannes Franke – Chapter 4: Bollywood Photos by Johannes Franke –