I am the spirit of the Absinth, the fairy that seduces you to do justice to the alcohol just a tad more. I am the nymph that dances around you to further your rush. I am the sprite that confuses your senses and numbs your mind.

I invite you to sit back, take a sip of your freshly prepared Absinth and enjoy my pictures, videos and stories. But first you certainly want to know who or what I am, right?

Well, at least I would, if I wasn’t as clumsy as I am… you see, as an alcohol spirit (especially one still in training) you get a little tipsy sometimes and so not everything works out just as gracious and sophisticated as planned…


The hall is dark. Silence hangs in the air, then faint music starts to play. Light is cast onto the stage and into the spotlight steps a gorgeous woman… and shortly thereafter something goes terribly wrong, in my case anyway.

Burlesque: what it is and where it comes from.

Originally, Burlesque referred to short parodies or spoofs that made european audiences frolic since the 16th century. The shedding of clothes was introduced during the second half of the 19th century.

What can be witnessed on the stages of the world today is a new form of Burlesque. “New Burlesque” developed in the 1990s and intends to amuse rather than to eroticize. There is as much variety as there are performers, because fantasy is unlimited.

I myself use a symbiosis of old and new. Besides the “obligatory” elements – feathers, glitter and (a little) skin – I dive into a world of folklore, fairy tales and hilarity.

At first glance this little fairy may seem mystical and enchanting.
A closer look then unveils what lies beyond. With slapstick, silent movie humor and stage magic I seduce my adoring audience in a comical way.